Award Winning Custom Chrome Plating and Chrome Restoration located in Brillion, Wisconsin.

Welcome to Custom Plating Specialist, Inc. located in Brillion, Wisconsin. We have been plating parts from all over the world for nearly 30 years, specializing in the restoration of metal parts. Cars, motorcycles, bikes, boats, specialized art, old antiques of all kinds. We restore your project to its original state.

Custom Plating Specialist, Inc. has a passion for chrome plating. Terry Meetz, the owner of CPS, remembers working in his father's restoration shop where classic cars were restored. At the time, they specialized in restoring vintage Thunderbirds. They sent out various chrome pieces to be replated, only to have their parts and pieces lost or damaged, or the pieces were not satisfactory to their high expectations. As a result, they started their own chroming process and were able to control the high quality they expected.

Today, Custom Plating Specialist Inc. is known for its award winning chroming process. CPS employs seven full-time and part-time employees, and continues to grow and strive above competition.

"Our Reputation Shines Through Every Piece of Chrome We Do"

Have you Heard the News?!

Recently featured in The Brillion News, Custom Plating Specialists is selling Calendars featuring local Cars and Models for just $10. All proceeds will benefit a cancer patient in need. To purchase, please stop in the shop or send us an email at

Calendars for a Cure