Our Staff

terry meetz

Terry Meetz

Terry is the owner and president of CPS.  He has been in the chrome restoration field for about 33 years.  His favorite thing to work on is fancy hood ornaments with a lot of detail.  Terry spends his “down” time taking their 1969 mustang mach 1 to car shows, of which he has won nearly 60 trophies in the last 5 years. Terry also has 5 children and one of which has worked in the business with Terry since he was just in high school.  "All of my children have worked for the business at some point in their lives. I have always tried teaching the kids to work hard and do your best."

cody meetz

Cody Meetz

Cody, Terry's oldest son ,a.k.a. "Grinder", has been with the business since he was in high school and is the main buffer and is also a sander of the more difficult parts such as pot metal horn rings. He has recently taken on the role of shop manager. Some of his new duties include managing the 6 other employees, so things run as efficiently as possible and jobs get done on time and on budget. He is also training and helping the other employees learn how to do certain parts the right way. Cody has one “child” Mya, a pet dog. Cody enjoys working on his 1950 Ford with Terry, after work, and hope to have it on the road in 2013.

jimmy riddle

Jimmy Riddle

Jim has been with the business for 20 years and is the main plater. Jim also wears many hats in the company. He is the one who plates nearly all of the parts. He also works a week ahead of everyone else and has all jobs stripped and engraved and ready for the sanders to work on each week. After he has next weeks parts ready for the other guys he starts into chrome plating this weeks parts. He is also responsible for all of the shop maintenance.  Jim is Terry's right hand man. He always is there when the shop needs him and he has been known to work late in order to get customers parts done on time. He has proven to be most invaluable to the shops success. Jim is married to the love of his life, Nicole, and together they have three children which keeps them busy after work. Jim also enjoys making “stuff” out of wood such as a really beautiful toy box he built for his daughter.

joe linzmeier

Joe Linzmeier

Joe Linzmeier, Terry's brother-in-law, has been with the company for 8 years and his duties are sand blasting and sanding any steel parts.  Joe loves to help out with odd jobs around the shop. After hours Joe likes working on his classic car, a 1973 Plymouth Satellite, which he takes to car shows as well.


Nathan R.

Nathan has been with us for 5 years. He is responsible for sanding and polishing pitted pot metal parts. He loves restoring classic Pontiacs in his spare time. Nathan also helps us with customer service when we are "on the road" at shows. His attention to detail is second to none.



Alisha a.k.a "Lish the dish", is our part-time secretary and helping hand in the office. Lish has been with Custom Plating Specialist for about 3 years. Her duties are quality control of end result products. She also helps with computer work, data entry and packaging of finished jobs. She is full of life and is always happy and has one daughter. She is a great addition to our team.


Nathan S.

Nathan Schneider a.k.a, "Scooby", is fairly new to the company. Nathan is a apprentice plating tech and is also a part of our show team. Nathan enjoys riding atv on the trails in northern Wisconsin in his free time as well as cruising with his buddy ol' pal step dad in his step dads Mustangs. Nathan looks up to his step dad for his guidance in life as a role model.



Juan Heredia is a new comer to the CPS squad. Juan is a metal finisher and takes the rusty parts and sand them smooth and gets them ready for plating and does some final polishing prior to chrome plating. Juan has proven to be a excellent addition to the company with his hard work ethics and his willingness to want to learn new things. When he isn't rolling chrome, he spends his time with his family and playing football and going fishing and hunting.



Mike Kaney is new to the company and is a metal finisher. Mikes duties are to sand smooth all metal parts prior to copper plating. Mike is an eager learner and wants to learn from the best on how he too can be a veteran metal finisher.

roxie chrome woman


Roxie, or "Lady of Chrome" our newest member to the Custom Plating Specialist Team. Roxie assists with the marketing and public relations end. You will see her at every show we are at, mainly attracting attention and handing out our business cards. Roxie works 24/7. When we aren't working, Roxie is.

She enjoys dressing up, loves cars and chrome. She has a new "Look on Life" as she was recently taken hostage at one of our shows, and sold for "cheap". There was an outpouring of concern for her, and she was found, unharmed, and unclothed. The "Lady of Chrome" is back, and stronger than ever. Watch for her at our upcoming shows!



Roxie has a sister that joined the team November 19th, 2014.

Candy was working for a guy in Moultrie, GA and was very unhappy. She saw our chrome and Roxie asked if there was anything she could do for us. She LOVES CHROME and really wanted a job. So Candy will help Roxie hand out business cards at the shows and bring in the customers.