Chrome Plating: GTO Spinners Restored to Original Glory

At Custom Plating Specialists, we go the extra mile, so the classic auto parts we restore look like they just came out of the automobile factory. Our crew has a combined 150-plus years of experience, and our passion for chrome plating shows in every auto part we restore. Recently, we restored the spinners on a 1964 Pontiac GTO. The chrome plating “brushing” really shows our attention to detail and commitment to the best possible restoration.

Brushing Effect Gives Spinners an Original Look

Here’s how it happened. A client asked us to restore four spinners from a 1964 Pontiac GTO. We had our buddy Steve Reynolds make us a jig so we could spin them, and then we did a “brushing” effect on the center. When we finished, they looked like they were the originals. The chrome plated spinners turned out fantastic! Zinc diecast is difficult to work with, but our crew did a great job with the restoration. These beautiful spinners will add extra pizazz to the 1964 classic car. The1964 Pontiac GTO is America’s first muscle car, so our crew felt a good deal of pride restoring these hubcap spinners to their original glory.

Contact Us or Restoring or Chrome Plating

Chrome plating requires time, effort, and precision to restore classic auto parts that look like the original. Our attention to detail and painstaking chrome plating processes set us apart from our competitors. Contact us with a photo of your classic car part, motorcycle part, or antique piece you want restored or chrome plated. We triple plate all parts with copper first, nickel and finally chrome. Our reputation shines through every piece of chrome we do.