Classic Car Restoring | 1958 Estate Wagon

Oftentimes, classic car replacement parts are hard to find or nonexistent. That’s why Custom Plating Specialist uses our skills and ingenuity to save these parts. Whereas other chrome platers would discard a shoddy old part, we save and restore it to its original condition and shine. Sometimes, Custom Plating Specialist performs miracles. We restore and chrome-plate parts from antique cars, boats, and motorcycles that seem beyond repair. That’s why we are the best in the business.

From Convertible to Estate Wagon

Recently, we were commissioned to restore a light pod for a 1958 Century Caballero Estate Wagon. Our client previously commissioned us to do chrome work on a 1947 Buick Roadmaster Convertible. The convertible project turned out fantastic, and the chrome is holding up beautifully, even after almost 10 years.

Restoring a Light Pod to Like-New Condition

As for the light pod, our restoration specialists had our work cut out for us. The part had numerous holes rotted through it. We cleaned out the holes, copper plated the light pod, and then soldered the holes shut. Next, we sanded it smooth and then put a heavy copper plating over the top. We sanded the copper and polished it to a mirror shine. Finally, we put the light pod back into the tanks to get nickel-plated and chrome-plated. See our Chrome Restoration Process. The restoration project turned out great.

Show Chrome Quality for Classic Cars

If you see a fully restored 1958 Century Caballero Estate Wagon at the next car show, take a close look at the “show chrome quality” of the light pod. The classic car may have been restored and chrome-plated by the team at Custom Plating Specialist.

Photograph Your Part & Request a Free Estimate

To request an estimate for restoring your classic car part, take a picture of the part and upload it to our Free Quote webpage. You’ll receive confirmation that we received your request, and we’ll provide a quote within a week or so.