In The News: Featured Articles

Terry and the employees at Custom Plating Specialist have a great passion for the chroming process, and are well known in the industry. Check out the articles in the magazines below. Custom Plating Specialist, Inc. is definitely an expert in the field of chroming.

Reality TV Show

The Brillion News

Custom Plating Specialist being considered for reality show. Featured in the Brillion News.

Cancer Calendar

The Brillion News

Meetz raising money for cancer families.

The Shop Mag

The Shop Mag

Laying the Chrome-Brick Road is a Full-Time Job


The Mail Boxer

Terry and crew are featured in the November 2014 newsletter for the work done for Airhead Header Pipes by Mac.


The Brillion News

Custom Plating shines after a decade of growth. Feature on CPS in The Brillion News.


Rod & Kulture: Silver Bullet

Article from Rod & Kulture titled Silver Bullet, features chrome work done by CPS.


The Brillion Representation

Newspaper clipping of Terry and Steve Brault at Harpt's Lake Car Show near Maribel, WI.


News Release: Close-Up Talk Radio

Close up radio is a talk show in which they pick thriving and fast growing businesses and talk about what it is that makes them so much more better then the competion..This was a two part series.

village people cps show booth

Village People

Chrome plater Terry Meetz set up this "village" in his swap meet space at the Fall Jefferson car show.

old car article

Old Cars

Old Cars Meet the Industry. Custom Plating Industry Inc, shines.

auto restoration cover

Auto Restoration

Auto Restoration magazine, they did a artical on our shop about the plating and polishing process.

jewels body shop

Fomo 'Casting Call' at Jewel's Body Shop

Fomoco casting call artical was from Old Cars Weekly magazine and thy did a artical on a body shop that has us do their croming and thy mentioned us as the place they like to use for their plating needs.

general motors show

General Motors Show

The General Motors show card was from a customer that built a car from looking at pictures of a magazine in which General motors had built a proto type concept car and then they scrapped the idea.

perfect plating old cars mag cover

Old Cars: Perfect Plating

The Perfect Plating article was done by Old Cars Weekly magazine and it describes the plating and polishing process.

motorbooks workshop

How to Restore Automotive Trim and Hardware

How To Restore Automotive Trim Book was written by John Gunnell and he contacted us to help him with information on how we fix, repair, polish and plate chrome parts.

walneck's classic cycle

Classic Cycle: Putting the Shine on a Motorcycle Restoration

Walnecks Classic Cycle magazine did an article on our shop to let people know what kind of work goes into restoring their chrome parts.

rod & custom magazine cover

ROD & Custom

Rod and Custom magazine did a artical on a car that one of our customers built from scratch and he made a note to tell readers who he had do the plating work.

scrambler cover

SCRAMBLER: Demystifying the Chroming Process

The VJEMC Scrambler magazine is a magazine for the vintage motor cycle collectors and they did a article on our shop in which we got in depth on how we restore their motorcycle parts to perfection.

restoration tips

Exterior Restoration Tips

Plating expert Terry Meetz knows theres nothing easy about getting the perfect shine.

old cars weekly cover

Old Cars Weekly

Authored by himself, Terry reminisces on his youth and how his love of cars and restoration began.