Innovative Restoration of a Vintage Boat Horn Ring

Here is a horn ring for a steering wheel off of a vintage boat. As you can see, the “pebbled“ area is pitted deep. The customer wanted something close to the original look for his vintage boat steering wheel. The only way to get the pits out was to sand them out, but obviously then we would lose the pebbled look. So, how could we restore the horn ring of the vintage boat to its like-original state?

Taping, Texturing & Transforming the Vintage Boat Horn Ring

Here at Custom Plating Specialist, we make things happen by thinking outside of the box. To restore this horn ring, first we taped off the areas to be left shiny. Next, we sprayed a silver texture paint over the top. Then after peeling up the taped-off surfaces, we could see a silver-textured surface that looks similar to the original pebbled look.

Innovative Approach to Restoration

One thing that sets Custom Plating Specialists apart from our competition is our innovative approach and the ability to figure out ways to restore projects of all varieties. We chrome plate and restore parts of classic cars, motorcycles, bikes, vintage boats, specialized art, and antiques of all kinds. We restore projects to their original state – with the attention to detail and ingenuity that delight our clients every time.

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