Chrome Restoration Process

Our chrome restoration process is second to none. We put all our efforts into making sure our restores make the parts look better than the day they were originally made. We hope you enjoy seeing the process firsthand.

Located in Brillion, WI, Custom Plating Specialist, Inc. is fully insured and does work for clients across the world. Along with being published as an expert in his trade, Terry travels the country reaching out to his clients at car shows.


Headlight Bezel. Rotted lower section. Lots of work to be done not not too much for our team. Take a look at the next step in the process – welding.


Headlight is welded by one of our team members. We make precise and sturdy welds so that the damaged piece is fully strengthened before the next step – plating.


Copper plating is added to the newly welded and repaired headlight. Next the headlight is given a beautiful polish, so the piece starts to shine back to its former glory.

Inside View

An inside view of the headlight at this point in the process. It’s starting to come along.


Finished Product! After all this work we have restored this headlight to a beautiful, shiny, car worthy headlight. While the process takes time and effort, the result is always well worth it.

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