Are you considering using Custom Plating Specialists for your new project? You should, but don’t take our word for it. Read from our customers that have been completely satisfied with the work we have done for them.

You won’t be disappointed.

Strips and Handles

Hi Terry Got the chrome installed that you did for me. Just thought you would like to see the finished project. Thanks
Chris Shadel

1963 Country Squire & FBI Galaxy

Terry, I’ve attached pictures of the last two cars you’ve helped me with. The 1963 Country Squire you plated the console top plate and a couple of other pieces. It won it’s class at the Milwaukee Masterpiece Concours d’Elegance in 2015. On the other car (an FBI Galaxie) you plated the “sail panel” chrome. That car was in the Milwaukee Concours d’Elegance in 2017. Just goes to show that your work is concours quality. Thank you,
John Vetter

Hurst Shift Handle

I wanted to thank you for the job you did on the Hurst shift handle. It truly looks amazing and turned out better than could have imagined.
Mike Drake

Perfect for Me

Terry, jsut wanted to thank you for a nice job you did on my header! I know there were a few dings but you made them perfect for me
Bill Schultz

It looks excellent

It looks excellent! It is going on my 1933 Essex Terraplane I purchased from the Dillinger Museum. It also was in the movie Public Enemies starring Johnny Depp as Dillinger.
Thanks for the great work.
Roger Pace

Huge Success

Terry, I wanted to say a big thank you for chroming the hot wheels for me. The guys loved them and were very surprised. I think Shawn even shed a tear actually. He got emotional over this. Nate loved his too. Haha, I have to laugh because they did not realize at first that the cars were chromed. This was a huge success.
Happy Customer

Above and Beyond

Really wanted to show you a picture. Oh, and putting them back in the packages was awesome. Thank you again for everything you and your guys did for this gift. You went above and beyond and really appreciated that
Satisfied Customer

Turned out Beautiful

Had my vent windows down (pot metal) they were in really poor condition and turned out beautiful!!! Thank you very much
Stephen Farrell

Parts are Beautiful

I have returned home and could not wait to check out the nickel plating that you did for us on the hubs for our 1929 Mack fire engine. The work that you, Cody, and all of your people did was extraordinary; the parts are beautiful! After we get everything reassembled, I will send you some pics of the finished product. I hope we can bring up a few more parts to be plated next fall or winter
Charles Field – Shorewood Hills EMS and Fire Assoc.

Turned out Awesome

Hello Terry,

Just would like to compliment you on your chrome plating of my railroad spike. It turned out awesome! Thanks for the great job! Have No Worries,
Ron Sauer

Could not be more pleased

Could not be any more pleased. Good job Terry and thanks.
Ron Eiler

Excellent Job

I saw you at the show in the Dells and thanked you for the nice job you did on my parts for my car. You asked me to send you a photo. Here it is.

This is a 1938 Ford 81a Deluxe I bought in 2006 and built it with help from family (Dads body work) and friends. It has a 468ci Chevy BB with a 6:71 blower Heidts super ride II and a 4 link rear with a Strange fab 9″ rear end. Inside Rides did the interior.

Again thank you for the excellent job on the chrome. I didn’t take off all the trim as some do so it was nice that it could be saved and used with the stainless stuff. I think it turned out great.
Frank Tempesta

Absolutely Perfect

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful work you did on our chrome. The stove is absolutely perfect. Thanks to you and your team for a job well done.
Gaye Tamburrino

Plated parts worthy of my Car

Finally I have plated parts worthy of my car. I just hope I can build my car worthy of the plated parts. Thanks Terry and crew.
Gary McLemore

Privilege to have your Services

At long last some pics of my ride you guys helped polish up your plating is great and it’s a privilege to have your services available.
Mike Theim

Thank you so much

Thank you so much for donating & sponsoring this trophy!! I won 1st place with my car – 1978 Pontiac Trans Am. Thanks again for your support

On Time and even Better Price

Thank you for being on time and even giving a better price than the quote! I would like for you to ship, and it is easier for you, and probably more cost effective for me (as the package is heavy), to use a freight forwarder in Linden, NJ.
Olav Korsgaard

Best of All

I have had a lot of great looking bikes but I am going to say that this is the best of the all mostly due to the chrome plating. Thanks!
Jim Abt

Grill turned out Perfect

I just picked up a grill I had you plate in Daytona. You’re the third place I had taken it to, the first two said they could not chrome it, you said you could, and at a very reasonable price (I had my doubts). The grill turned out perfect. It is better than it was new.
John Hughes


Just a note to let you know that I got the guitar parts back today and they are flawless! Your work is amazing and I am extremely pleased. I will of course give you special thanks in my upcoming book “Gretsch’s Lost Weekend: The Guitars of Booneville and the Hagner Musical Instrument Company 1970-1981” but I would like to (with your permission of course) put a link on my webpage qretschslostweekend.com to your page so Gretsch guitarists and collectors (as well as others) have a place to get parts refinished. Please take a look at the site and let me know. Once again thanks for your outstanding work!

Quality and Accuracy

Mary, This is a picture of my 1930 Model A Ford 170B DeLuxe Fordoor. Also know as a Blindback. I completed the restoration in late June of 2015. I Showed the car for the first time at the 2015 MARC National Meet, Fine Point Judging in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. The car received the Mark of Excellence Award and the Henry Ford Award with 489 points out of 500 possible. In August of 2015 the car was shown at The Geneva, Illinois Concourse de- Elegance. The car was entered in the 1948 and older Non CCCA Member Class. One of fifteen different classes. The car won it’s class with a full 100 points out of 100 points possible. All exterior plating was completed at your facility. What can I say? The quality and accuracy of your work at Custom Plating Specialists is Excellent!!! Thanks so much for your services. Regards,
Jan-Michael Wyckoff

Absolutely Beautiful

You saved me big! After dealing with another local plater for 4 months of every excuse in the books I took my stuff back and sent it to you! 2 weeks later it was on its way back! And it is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for baling me out and doing a wonderful job! You have a customer for life!
Dan Hare

Looks like New

Terry, My Christmas present just arrived! Your assurances were right on. The console looks like new! Beautiful! Thanks to you and everyone who worked on the piece!!!!!!! I am so pleased with the results. I have had a couple of old rodders waiting to see how it turned out, as they have been told the same thing I was. I will be posting to your site with my firm recommendation. May you and yours enjoy a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.
Claude Potts

Recommending you to all my Antique Car Friends

Hi Terry, The first hubcap I received was perfect. Please plate these 6 hubcaps in chrome. Keep up with the great quality work. I have been recommending you to all my antique car friends.
Lee White

Turned out Phenomenal

Hi Terry, I took some BMW bumpers to you to be chromed before and they turned out phenomenal.
Luis Arisso

Couldn’t be Happier

Just wanted to thank you for all the great work on my chrome parts. Everything turned out great. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my project and what stands out the most is the chrome.

You’re the Man

I have a friend in Arkansas that just had you plate his and he says: “You’re the Man.”
Don from Nebraska

Looks like I just picked them up new

Ten years ago you replated the bumpers of my 1953 Ford. Today they look as if I had just picked them up from your shop! A satisfied customer!
David Penza


You have really impressed my customer with rechroming his new headlamps.

This place is First Class

I met Terry and Steve in Zephyrhills, FL 2 or 3 years ago and became buddies with them. See them every 6 months at the swap meet. This year I needed to re-chrome the windshield posts and door posts from my ’59 Corvette. They took them home with them and re-chromed them for me. I got them back in record time and they look better than new. I am 110% happy with them and have sent more parts to be restored. This place is first class. Thanks for your great work.
John Salgado

Couldn’t be Happier

Terry, package arrived yesterday. Unwrapped one piece and couldn’t be happier. Great work. Won’t unwrap rest until ready to install.

Really, really Impressed

Terry, those handle bars looked FANTASTIC. I was really, really impressed.
Jeremy Kinsey

Great Work

Congratulations on the nice new web site. Thanks for all your great work for my Derby Bentley restoration
Bob Werner, Arizona

Job Well Done

When you called and let me know that my parts were done, I could hardly wait to see them. When they arrived just before lunch break the first thing I did was open the package up. Terry I have to say your company does outstanding work. I would like to know how you removed the dents in the bumper? I would recommend your company to anyone! Thanks again for a job well done!
Sid King

A BIG thanks

Hi, I stopped in today to pick up my radiator shell and dash for my 1928 Ford. Got it home looked it over and have to tell you I was super pleased with the job. Both the dent and the crack were repaired so well, no one could ever tell they were damaged. A BIG THANKS for restoring these parts to perfection.
Jim Gross

Absolutely Beautiful

I did receive the sample coil covers that you plated and sent me. I have to say that they look absolutely beautiful, better than I had expected. I have the full quantity of parts formed but still need to make a fixture and spot weld them. I will keep in touch with the progress and get them out to you as soon as I can.
Thank you again and they look great.
Greg Spaulding

Worth every Penny

I had Terry chrome my front and back bumpers for my 1960 Buick. They were not in the best shape when I gave them to him and I told him I wanted them perfect. While he said no chroming job is perfect he would do the next best thing. I was nervous because I have had these chromed twice before over the years and they came back with a grainy look in the top of them and they were not straight at all. Foggy inside openings and other problems. Terry assured me I would be happy with them. Well I picked them up yesterday at the show and I almost cried. They were so perfect that I never imagined my bumpers could look this good! I can’t say enough good things about Custom Plating Specialists. They did an awesome job and all my chrome needs in the future will be going to them. It is very hard to find a place that can do work like this. I could stare at those bumpers all day. I can’t wait to get the car done and put them on. Thank you so much Terry for doing the great work you do. It is worth every penny. I will tell everyone I know about your work and professionalism.
Alan Musilek

Honda Scrambler Chrome Plating

I wasn’t able to unwrap the pieces I had chromed at your facility until I arrived home. I thought they would travel safer with their wrap intact. I received an early Christmas present when I finally unwrapped the 6 pieces today. I was very pleased with your product. My 50 year old motorcycle pieces never looked so good. Thanks again for a quality product.”
Henry Dymale

Helped my Town Car Score

Terry, The plating work from Custom Plating helped my Town Car score 458 in fine point judging at Oshkosh last week. That’s a better score than I expected and I know the plating was a big help. Thanks.

Can’t Believe the Job

Over many years of restoring cars the one thing that always had me at a loss for a trusted vendor was chrome plating. Between shoddy work, high prices, long lead times, and lack of personal attention, I hated to get plating done. But a few years ago I happened to use Custom Plating Specialist out of Brillion, WI, and I could not believe what a great job they did for the money, and what careful attention they paid to each of my parts. I would say that their typical work is amazingly near to “show chrome” quality, yet lower in price than most platers’ “driver” quality. I have used them several times afterward with equal results.

Brillion is fairly close to Elkhart Lake and I stopped in there when I was in WI anyway a couple of months back to check out this family operation, and I think they are about as straight-up a plater as you can find today. They actually get regulated and inspected, so you don’t have to worry about the place being shut down while they are sitting on your precious parts.

The reason I wanted to post this is that I talked to the owner, Terry Meetz, this morning and asked if he would be interested and willing to pick up parts from our club members at Elkhart Lake to save one way on the shipping cost. He said he would like to work that out if there was a number of parts, and on the other hand I offered to bring a few smaller parts to him from club members on my way back to Michigan after the meet if that works out better.

Terry does pot metal restoration as well as steel and everything else. Here is their website: http://www.customplatingspecialist.com/
They will give you a quote on your parts if you send good photos.

I apologize if this sounds like a paid commercial. It’s not. I just like to spread the word when somebody works this hard to please the customer, and I hope it helps out fellow club members facing the same challenge as I did.
Keith Boonstra

A True Perfectionist!

“Hi Terry, We just received our re-chromed 1967 Schwinn bicycle parts today. I am an engineer who is not easily impressed, but I am truly amazed! I have been doing this bicycle restoration with my 8-year old son. I personally cannot believe the results that you have sent me. I sent you very rough, rusted, and pitted parts, and I just cannot believe the transformation. My son had tears in his eyes as he knew that this was the bicycle that I was riding some 50-years ago. I have seen other re-chroming jobs, but have never seen the quality as in your work. Your team at Custom Plating are true Perfectionist! I thank you for your attention to details, and we have an inventory of old automobiles set for restoration. We will be doing plenty of business in the future! Thank you very much! “
David Dressler