Chevy Grille Restoration: Like New Again

Custom Plating Specialists handles restoration projects for hot rods, classic cars, vintage boats, old motorcycles, and other cherished antiques.

Here is the front grille of a 1952 Chevrolet car that we restored for a client. The parts had been rusted through, but we repaired them without a trace of any holes. After we completed the chroming, the Chevy owner asked us to put the grille together for him because the grille comes apart in so many pieces. We also painted the shields that are attached to the grille. Lastly, we used black paint to paint the brackets behind the grille that mount it to the front of the car. This grille restoration project turned out amazing!

Our chrome restoration process enables us to restore parts to make them look better than the original. Our staff has over 150 years of combines experience, and we stand behind our restoration work.