Tail Light Restoration Requires Ingenuity & Craftsmanship

If you restore classic cars as a hobby, then you probably smile every time you start ‘em up and hear ‘em rumbling. What a gratifying reward for all the time and automotive work you put into your antique car. Sometimes, the car restoration process goes well, and you make good progress on your classic. You might be thrilled to find a rare part that you desperately needed in a junk pile across town. However, sometimes the automotive restoration progress is painfully slow, and you can’t find the part you need at car shows, swap meets, auctions, or salvage yards. (For car part search tips, read our article, 5 Places to Find Old Car Parts When You’re Restoring a Vehicle)

Classic Car Tail Light Restoration Process

Unfortunately, many of the parts we are commissioned to restore are not available to buy new or used. So, our restoration craftsmen do whatever they can to make the originals look awesome again. For example, here are some tail lights we restored for a classic car client with a 1971 AMX. As you can see, the tail lights had a number of holes that were rotted through. because all of the years that road salt got caught behind the tail lights. Every time the salt got wet, the salt reactivated and corroded the base metal. We metal finished the parts, then copper plated them, soldered the holes shut, sanded the welds smooth, then plated with copper, nickel and chrome plating. These vintage tail lights are going to look beautiful with red lenses in them.

Contact Us to Restore or Chrome Plate Your Part

This is just another day at Custom Plating Specialist, using our ingenuity and craftsmanship to restore the parts to get a classic car one step closer to road-ready. Contact us with a photo of your classic car part, motorcycle part, or antique piece you want restored or chrome plated. We triple plate all parts with copper first, nickel and finally chrome. Our reputation shines through every piece of chrome we do.

Custom Plating Specialist sanded the metal of the 1971 AMX tail lights. You can see the holes drilled through to clean out the decay.
Custom Plating Specialist sent the tail light to get nickel plated, followed by chrome plating. These vintage tail lights are back to their original condition.
Custom Plating Specialist lightly copper plated the metal of the 1971 AMX tail lights. We melted a low temp solder to fill in the holes. From there, we sanded the excess solder so that it’s flat or flush. Then put a thick coat of copper plating on the tail light and sanded it down. We copper plated the tail light one more time and sanded and polished the copper.